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Success stories from Webshopaholics' sellers

A few success stories from Webshopaholics sellers

Sarah started selling on Webshopaholics as a way to declutter her closet and make some extra cash. She listed a few items, and to her surprise, they sold within a few hours.


She scoured thrift stores and vintage shops for unique pieces, which she then listed on the platform. Her shop quickly gained a following, and before long, she was making sales to customers all over the UG. She even started sourcing items from other vintage sellers and reselling them on Webshopaholics. Today, Hannah has a thriving vintage shop on the platform and is well-known in the vintage fashion community.


Emma was struggling to make ends meet as a single parent, and she started selling her old clothes on Webshopaholics as a way to make some extra cash. To her surprise, her items sold quickly, and she started to list more and more items. Over time, she built up a large following on the platform and even started sourcing items from other sellers to resell. Today, Emma has a successful Webshopaholics shop and is able to support herself and her family through her online business.